Stars, semantics, signifiers – and fire

During this 13th week of Weekly Blog Club, we had a post that had “signifcant numbers” in its title, we started with a post containing 2 x 10 and ended up with 10 posts. It might have been a light week in numbers of posts, but the content was no less significant than usual.

Hannah Chia started the week with a report of rugby in the heat: 10 Reasons Why I Had Fun at the Sharjah 10s.

There was heat as well as trouble at t’Mill in Diane Sims post – Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on the list… in which her serial about the saving of local heritage suddenly had to incorporate a dramatic contemporary event.

Kate Bentham wrote a post about our responsibilities to protect children in our communities: Safeguarding and Protecting Children. Everybody should read it.

Irena Souroup was prompted to remember bakeries when she was a child by the pasty tax debate in the news, and what yumyums signified in Milibands Pasty PR. Families were at the heart of Phil Jewitt’s post – ….and this will be called ‘Significant numbers’ as he decided that he needs to prioritise time with nearest and dearest more this year. Louise Brown’s thoughts were on her nearest and dearest as her wedding approaches in a few weeks’ time in: Looking to the stars (and the planets). She also thought about tech as she captured the moon and Jupiter on her phone.

The other posts in Week 13 focused on digital technology. Sarah Lay wrote about women in technology, specifically digital technology, in Where did all the girl Devs go? and included some very useful references, facts and figures. Lesley Thomson wrote about her attendance at an academic libraries event and the paper she gave at it on social media: Social media: A tool for research and collaboration. She included links to presentations in her post that people in other work contexts will find useful.

Mark Braggins wrote a very useful and readable post in which he explained what the tools do and how useful they are in which contexts: Ten (more) of my favourite Twitter Tools (and he listed a few more to try too).

My post this week was prompted by the articles appearing about Google’s move towards the Semantic Web – Semantic will be the New Black. During the last decade, Web 2.0 has been the trendy technology but I have been convinced for over a decade that one day a major search engine would finally start to introduce semantic searches.

What is in the future for us? Well, for the next few days, I hope that people will be writing more posts for Week 14 of Weekly Blog Club. Regular contributor Louise Smith pointed out that we have reached the end of the first quarter of the year and we still have a good number of regular contributors. We also have more subscribers every week, have had new writers join us regularly (some of whom are totally new to personal blogging).

Week 14 has already started. Two of the posts already written are about the importance of tolerance in our society, and a third is about inappropriate aggression, so tolerance or a calm society could be the (entirely optional) theme for this week. If you want to join Weekly Blog Club, do take a look at the About page for more about how it works. Readers are also part of Weekly Blog Club, and it is wonderful when people subscribe to this blog or to the blogs of individual writers.

Summary of Week 13 posts

10 Reasons Why I Had Fun at the Sharjah 10s by  Hannah Chia.

Saving Newsome Mills part three: If you’re not on the list… by Diane Sims.

Ten more of my favourite Twitter Tools by  Mark Braggins.

Looking to the stars and the planets by Louise Brown.

Where did all the girl Devs go? by Sarah Lay.

Semantic will be the New Black by  Janet E Davis.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children by  Kate Bentham.

….and this will be called ‘Significant numbers’ by Phil Jewitt.

Milibands Pasty PR by  Irena Souroup.

Social media: A tool for research and collaboration by Lesley Thomson.


Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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