Driving dalmation, radishes and grass

Radishes by La Grande Farmers Market, on Flickr.

Radishes by La Grande Farmers Market, on Flickr.

Week 5 of Weekly Blog Club was another great week: 13 posts. There were two more new contributors, including our first one based in Australia. At least a couple of the posts were written as a result of Weekly Blog Club members communicating with each other to get inspiration. There were several mini-themes connecting posts together this week: meeting challenges; local government website content strategy; allotments; sense of place and community; and grass.

I started off the week with a short post that was a word snapshot of an urban scene and a brief reflection on preconceptions. Incidentally, the young man chose an appropriate dog costume: dalmations were trained as carriage dogs in the UK originally.

In our first post from Australia, Matt Murray made some predictions of what will happen in the web and social media world during 2012. Do read and discuss whether or not you agree with him.

Much nearer to home, our other first-time contributor Rachel Jane Snook wrote about setting goals and a cycling challenge in some of the UK’s loveliest landscape. Ian Curwen wrote about his fitness challenges and what he has achieved so far. The results of Weekly Blog Club participants rising to the challenge of writing regularly came in an end of January summaryLouise Brown highlighted a couple of those challenges in her Week 5 post about working from home.

Mark Braggins did not blog this week, apparently. At least, he said that he was not blogging in his post. He did mention UK Govcamp 2012, Twitter and Yammer at some length in his post about not blogging. Feedback indicates that all of us who read Mark’s unblog are looking forward to reading the three blog posts that he did not write. [Stop press! Mark has declared that he will blog this week (Week 6) – about LocalGovCamp North West, held in Preston on 4th February].

Carolyne Mitchell also wrote a post that was not the one that she intended to contribute in Week 5 (she still has another post on the burner), about the issues of local government website content and what should or should not be weeded out. This seemed especially relevant during the week when the beta of  https://www.gov.uk/ was released into the wild (do take a look at that too, if you have not yet, and give them some constructive feedback).

Sarah Lay also wrote about website content strategy Week 5, with an interactive element  (asking readers – especially those who work in local government – to participate in a quick survey that she and Carl Haggerty put together. Future interactive IRL (In Real Life) content was the focus of Kate Bentham‘s post about the forthcoming Shropshire Digital Festival (sounds lots of fun).

Peter McClymont wrote about the difference between urban and rural life, and how a five-minute walk can take so much longer in a village – and how one can get pulled into being a shopkeeper, even when it was not something one ever planned or envisaged doing. His post sat well alongside Diane Sims‘s about a sense of place. Diane’s post also covered entropy, radishes, archives, data, stories – and  supply and demand (which fitted nicely also with Peter’s village shop issue).

The final two posts of the week – from Kelly Quigley-Hicks and Peter Olding both looked at Astroturf, but in very different ways. This was not coincidental. Kelly’s post had prompted Peter to remember something about which he could write a quick post.

Week 6 has already started, but if anyone has any suggestions for the optional theme for the week, do shout up or, more effectively, put your suggestion to @weeklyblogclub or as a comment on this page. We would be delighted to see more #ukgc12 reflections and any thoughts on the recent Benefits Camp or LocalGovCamp North West, but other topics are also great. If you are lacking in inspiration, tweet @weeklyblogclub and we will try to find something that sparks off an idea.

If anyone else wants to join in the collating and broadcasting as an administrator/editor/author of this Weekly Blog Club blog, do say. It is intended to be a shared blog. As ever, readers and their (constructive) comments are very welcome too.


Janet E Davis

Summary of Week 5 posts

Aren’t all artificial pitches Astroturf? by Peter Olding.

Astroturfing – keep off the fake grass by Kelly Quigley-Hicks

Knowing your place by Diane Sims.

The only man in the room: Exercise by Ian Curwen

“Where am I?”… by Peter McClymont.

Shropshire Digital Festival by Kate Bentham.

Answer me this…. by Sarah Lay.

I’m sticking up for the little guys by Carolyne Mitchell.

Why I shan’t be blogging this week by Mark Braggins.

What *is* on my mind? by Louise Brown.

A HardKnott Task by Rachel Jane Snook.

Predictions for 2012 by Matt Murray

Dalmation dog driver by Janet E Davis.

Weekly Blog Club was set up in early January 2012 to encourage people to blog regularly, and especially to encourage those working in and with the public sector, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK to find their own 'voice' through writing.

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